“Hurt” by Witt Lowry (Ft. Deion Reverie)

“Hurt” is a song by American recording artists Witt Lowry and Deion Reverie. The lyrics of “Hurt” center squarely on the unbearable pain caused by the end of a romantic relationship.

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In the course of lamenting over the sadness brought on by the breakup, Lowry accuses his former lover of lying to him from the beginning of the relationship. He also accuses her of playing with his emotion and just using him. But interestingly, despite all the pain she’s brought into his life, Lowry still loves her. He hopes that someday she’d also ends love him in return because she means the world to him.

During the song, Lowry also reveals how he often “felt inadequate” because he was poor and she came from a rich family. It’s not really clear if he’s trying to say their different financial backgrounds also played a role in messing up the relationship.

That being said, what is crystal clear is that her lies and games killed their relationship. Lowry now finds himself alone yet surrounded by misery. He desperately wants to move on. However, he just can’t seem to get her out of his head. If only he could do that, then he could move on and find some happiness in life.  

Hurt lyrics
The lines above are part of the song’s chorus. They were sung by Deion Reverie.

Facts about “Hurt”

  • This is a self-penned song. Although Reverie is featured on the track, he receives no writing credit. Lowry is the only songwriter on this track.
  • The production duties on “Hurt” were handled by music producer Dan Haynes.
  • You can find this song on Lowry’s fifth studio album titled Nevers Road.
  • The official music video for “Hurt” was directed by Drew Kirsch. Reverie doesn’t appear in the video.
  • The video for this song was shot in a very sophisticated underground bunker. This same bunker was where some scenes from the 2008 hit superhero film titled The Dark Knight was shot.

Are the lyrics of “Hurt” autobiographical?

From all indications, they appear to be. For example, Lowry didn’t grow up in wealth (which he clearly states in the song).

When was “Hurt” released?

It was dropped (officially) on January 14, 2019.

Is this Lowry’s first collab with Deion Reverie?

No. The pair worked together in 2017 on Lowry’s song titled “Better for Me”.

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