“I Just Fall in Love Again” by Anne Murray

If the authors had named this song (“I Just Fall in Love Again”) in a manner that went straight to the point, it would be entitled something like “Thoroughly Smitten”.  For herein we have a female vocalist not only confirming that she is in fact in love with the addressee. But furthermore, that love is renewed every time they’re together, which by the looks of things may even be nightly. 

Or more simply put the vocalist is, excuse our redundancy, thoroughly smitten, as in having achieved “heaven” on Earth and being in a dream-like state even when “wide awake”, via the romantic relationship with her significant other.

"I Just Fall in Love Again" Lyrics

Who wrote “I Just Fall in Love Again”?

There are two lyricists behind this song. They are:

  • Harry Lloyd
  • Gloria Sklerov

The music itself was also composed by two songwriters, namely:

  • Larry Herbstritt
  • Steve Dorff

More Facts about “I Just Fall in Love Again”

The first act to drop a rendition of “I Just Fall in Love Again” was The Carpenters, in 1977. Shortly thereafter, in 1979, Anne Murray’s version came out as part of her album “New Kind of Feeling”, courtesy of Capitol Records.

Anne is a singer from Canada who began making music professionally in the late 1960s. And from that time to the late aughts she managed to put out 32 studio albums, a few of them proving to be chart toppers up north. But as far as the Billboard 200 goes, the best Murray ever fared stateside was via her 2001 holiday album “What a Wonderful Christmas”.

It should be noted that British songstress Dusty Springfield (1939-1999) recorded her own cover of “I Just Fall in Love Again” in 1978, prior to Anne. And the reason why this fact is significant is because Murray had indicated that if she knew beforehand that Springfield, one of her favorite singers, had done so, she would have never covered the song herself.

But perhaps at the end of the day we can say that it was better for her she didn’t know. This is because Anne’s version of this song proved to be a major hit. That is to say that her rendition topped the following Canadian RPM charts:

  • Adult Contemporary
  • Country Tracks 
  • Top Singles

Furthermore, her version also topped the below mentioned Billboard listings stateside:

  • Adult Contemporary 
  • Hot Country Songs
I Just Fall in Love Again

Even More Interesting Facts

To note Dusty Springfield did eventually get around to dropping her own cover of “I Just Fall in Love Again” in early 1979, i.e. around the same time as Anne Murray, on an album entitled “Living Without Your Love”.

This song also topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs year-end chart for 1979, an aspect of its success that astonished Anne, since she didn’t consider it to be a country song. But to note, the early 1970s to mid-1980s was the heyday of her illustrious career.

Dusty Springfield passed away in 1999. However, in 2007, the vocals from her rendition of this classic tune were sampled and made into a duet with Anne Murray, as featured on the album Anne Murray Duets: Friends & Legends.

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