“I Made a Song with Your Instagram Comments” by Soran Dussaigne

The premise of this song, as entitled, is that Soran Dussaigne reportedly put its lyrics together from comments made on Instagram, a popular social-media platform. And said remarks would have logically come from a lady whom he is romantically interested in.  

More specifically they reflect his feelings for a lady whom, succinctly put, he is in love with. And whereas he is making an attempt to get romantically involved with her, she is putting him off.  The reason she is apparently doing so is because she knows she will likely – in some way, shape or form – break his heart. And her not giving in to his love is apparently causing Soran to become depressed.

So the prevailing sentiment presented in this track isn’t so much of him being smitten by this lady as it is an expression of his desire to actually be ‘by her side’. And perhaps in the most simplistic way, this scenario can be interpreted as being a case of unrequited love. But more to the point seems to be the idea that this lady whom he is in love with wants the singer to focus more on himself as opposed to her. And why? Because she understands that he becoming entangled with her may not be in his best interest.

Lyrics of "I Made a Song With Your Instagram Comments"

Writing and Production Credits

“I Made a Song with Your Instagram Comments” was written and produced by Soran Dussaigne. Soran is a Canadian musician. He released this track (as a standalone single) on the 18th of April 2018.

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