“I Won’t Let You Down” by Ph.D.

The lyrics of Ph.D.’s “I Won’t Let You Down” are being expressed from the perspective of a man who has come to the realization that the relationship with the woman he loves is on the verge of dissolution. He feels he has given it his all but still fell short of ‘treating her right’. Moreover based on the second verse we know that she herself has been complaining, as she is under the impression that she is the only one properly holding things down in their relationship.

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So the primary sentiment being expressed throughout is tantamount to the singer begging his significant other, the addressee, not to dump him. And his plea is based on him assuring her that he ‘won’t let her down’. Or another way of stating this expression is that he will not disappoint her if she decides to stay with him. And considering that he has failed to live up to her expectations in the past, he is putting a special emphasis on guaranteeing her that he will not do so “again”.

Lyrics of "I Won't Let You Down"

Facts about “I Won’t Let You Down”

This is the second single from Ph.D.’s debut album, which was also entitled “Ph.D.”. The track was released by the Warner Music Group with an official release date of 1 January 1981.

The song was written by the two members of Ph.D., Jim Diamond (1951-2015) and Tony Hymas. Diamond later featured the tune on his own debut solo album in 1993.

“I Won’t Let You Down” topped the music charts in Belgium and the Netherlands. In Ph.D.’s home country of the United Kingdom it reached number three on the UK Singles Chart. And it also charted in 7 other countries, in almost every case breaking their respective top 10.

5 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    A great record, by a very nice person.RIP JIM🙏🙏

  2. no one... in spades..... says:

    Solid stirring tune . One can put one’s own spin on it. One has not risen to the occasion. Fallen down big time. You just couldn’t cut it when your hour came. Not a man for all seasons. your tide was at it’s flood but you hesitated and have now lost your venture.

  3. David Stamps says:

    Who was the girl in this phd song?

  4. Silvia Baggins says:

    I would say that the person who sings it isn’t really in love with the person who the song adresses to.
    The first two verses say “You ask me if i’m happy here / No doubt about it”: note that the answer isn’t clear, neither is affirmative. The singer uses negative words as “no” and “doubt”, detouring from the objecrtrive answer which should be something similar to “yes, I’m happy” …
    The third and fourth verses say “You ask me if my love is clear / Want me to shout it?”, and the same thing occurs in here: the answer is not even an answer, but a question, that’s asked in an ironic tone, detouring again from an objective answer.
    “Gave you the best years of my life / Woman”, the singer implies that his time was “given” to her, instead of being shared or cherished beside someone he loves…
    “Don’t let me out of here” and “Take and chain me if you please”, seems like he’s talking about a prison, not a relationship.
    “Don’t help me dig deeper my grave”, well, he’s stating that he’s already in a grave and doesn’t want it to go deeper….

    To me, that’s a song about a toxic man who want’s to wash his hands of the responsibility of being in a commitment.

    Thank you for reading my opinion xD

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