Ian Curtis

Ian Curtis was an English singer, poet and songwriter who is best remembered as the lyricist and lead singer of the very influential English post-punk band Joy Division. Joy Division is famous releasing songs such as Love Will Tear Us Apart, Disorder, The Eternal and Shadowplay.  On May 18th, 1980, Curtis’s life and career came to a premature end after he tragically committed suicide by hanging. He was only 23 years old.

Ian Curtis performing with Joy Division

Ian Curtis performing live in Manchester in 1979. Source: Wikimedia: Author: Kevin Cummins.

Ian Curtis’ Personal Life

Curtis was born Ian Kevin Curtis on 15 July 1956 in Lancashire, England. Curtis got married to his school friend Deborah Woodruff in the year 1975 and had a daughter with her. Curtis and Deborah remained married until Curtis’ sudden death in 1980.

Interesting Facts about Ian Curtis

  • Curtis suffered severely from epilepsy (which he was officially diagnosed with in 1979) and depression, which contributed to his suicide.
  • The last performance Curtis had with Joy Division took place on the campus of Birmingham University on May 2nd 1980. Approximately sixteen days later, he committed suicide in his kitchen.
  • One of the last things Curtis did before committing suicide was watch the 1977 film Stroszek and listen to American rock singer Iggy Pop’s legendary debut solo album The Idiot. When Curtis’ lifeless body was discovered by his wife, the album was on his turntable, still spinning.
  • After Curtis’ death, his wife revealed that on a number of occasions, Curtis had told her he never wanted to live beyond his twenties.
  • Joy Division’s legendary second and final album Closer was released two months after Curtis’ death.

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