“If I Be Wrong” by Wolf Larsen

“If I Be Wrong” is one of the more highly-metaphorical/poetic love songs we have come across. The thesis sentiment revolves around, most easily explained, the vocalist putting forth her desire to be with the addressee. And we can conclude that the latter is a romantic interest, since Larsen more specifically states that she wants to be in this person’s “arms tonight”.

As for the theme/title, let’s say that in most instances when trying to hook up with someone, even if for the night, we tend to put our best foot forward. But this vocalist is such that she’s admitting her faults. So for instance, from the onset, Wolf seems to imply that she has been dishonest in the name of bagging the addressee, i.e. attempting to lure him over. But even such an admission, in a roundabout way, is indicative of her love for him.

Or viewed from a different angle, this song is not about the vocalist presenting herself as the addressee’s ideal lover. But more to the point is ‘if she be wrong (or) if she be right’, whether she is good or evil if you will, ultimately doesn’t matter in terms of her feelings for this person, as she wants him nonetheless

Lyrics of Wolf Larsen's "If I Be Wrong"

Wolf Larsen

Wolf Larsen (aka Sarah Ramey) is a professional who has made a name for herself as both a musician and author. In the latter regard she has most notably written The Lady’s Handbook for Her Mysterious Illnesses (2020) and was also formerly employed as a campaign writer under Barack Obama during his initial and successful bid for US President. 

Concerning her music career, as of late 2022, Wolf is reportedly sick and therefore doesn’t perform live. It also looks like she hasn’t released any songs after those which are found on “Quiet at the Kitchen Door”, which was officially released on 6 December 2011 and also appears to be the only album in her discography. 

And it is from said project that we get “If I Be Wrong”, which is currently one of her most-popular songs.

“If I Be Wrong” Regains Popularity in 2022

This track made headlines in late 2022 when it was featured on the seventh episode of the first season of Wednesday, a series based on the classic Addams Family franchise. In the show, the song is played during the funeral ceremony of Mayor Walker (Tommie Earl Jenkins).


Wolf Larsen is the exclusive writer of “If I Be Wrong”.

The music video to the song was directed by one Pete Lee.

If I Be Wrong

Fans’ Reactions to “If I Be Wrong”

This track gained many new fans thanks to its feature on the latest Netflix series, “Wednesday”. One fan said it made her feel a combination of sadness, loneliness yet peacefulness all at once when she heard it on the series.

And for others who knew of this song before, “If I Be Wrong” has provided them with a sense of direction when their lives seemed to be falling apart.

Overall, it’s been coined as a “criminally underrated” track that is filled with so much power and emotion that it’s like poetry to one’s ears.

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