“I’m Still Standing” by Elton John

“I’m Still Standing” speaks about Elton John’s successful recovery from a broken past relationship. Here, he tells his ex that he has moved on and is better off without them.

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The singer first describes his past lover as a pretentious cold-hearted person who will probably end up revealing their true colors soon. He then reminds his ex that he won because he has forgotten about their affair, gotten rid of their past memories and has even tasted a less complicated form of love elsewhere.

Elton further shows his ex that he is doing much better now that they are not together. He uses the phrase “I’m still standing” to depict his rising up from the hurt which made him fall. He sees himself as a survivor who has been able to pick back the broken pieces of his life without thinking of his ex.

While recalling the pain he felt from the manipulative relationship they had, the singer mentions that his lover was always leaving him or threatening him to do so. Yet now that they are no more, he feels much lighter and is stronger despite the experience.

Lyrics of "I'm Still Standing"

Music Video

A video to this single was shot in Cannes, France and was directed by a prominent Australian video director, Russell Mulcahy. This was not Mulcahy’s first collaboration with John. The Australian worked on several music videos for John’s 1981 album, The Fox.

The video of “I’m Still Standing” features Bruno Tonioli, a dancer who later served as a judge on a number of hit reality-competition shows, including “Strictly Come Dancing”.

The original footage shot for the music video was rendered unusable when Russell Mulcahy fell with into the sea. However, as a testament to technological advances since, it was restored and released by Elton John as a high-definition video in 2019.

FYI, during the filming of the music video Elton John ran into and chilled with Duran Duran.

Writing Credits for “I’m Still Standing”

This song was composed by Elton John. He received assistance from his usual songwriting associate, Bernie Taupin.

“I’m Still Standing” was produced by seasoned English record producer, Chris Thomas. Aside his work with Elton, Thomas is also known for working with several high profile musicians, such as the Beatles and Paul McCartney.

When did “I’m Still Standing” come out?

Released on July 3rd, 1983, this song was selected as the second single from the iconic singer’s 1983 studio album, titled, “Too Low for Zero”.

Chart Glory

In 1983, “I’m Still Standing” got to #1 on the Canadian and Swedish charts. It also performed excellently in the United Kingdom and in the US, where it got to #4 and #12 respectively. On the charts in other regions this song’s impact was quite massive, entering into the top 10 in multiple countries, including Germany.

Covers and Samples

A cover version of this tune was done by Top Culture for the video game, “Just Dance 2019”. American songstress, Martha Wash recorded a version of the song for the soundtrack of the 1996 comedy film,  “The First Wives Club”.

Samples of this tune are included in American rapper Chino XL’s “No Complex”, which he released in 1996. Australian hip-hop ensemble, Hilltop Hoods incorporated bits of this track in their 2009 song, “Still Standing”.

American rap artist, Kanye West’s 2003 song, “Through the Wire (Still Standing)” contains samples of this track. He featured Chaka Chan on this song.

“I’m Still Standing” was covered in 1984 by Scottish artist, Lulu. Country song duo, Grant & Forsyth released their version of this single in 1998.

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    I love all your songs Sir Elton John

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