“In the Morning (Morning of My Life)” by Bee Gees

“In the Morning” is a piece which for the most part appears to be romance based, as in the vocalist addressing his lover. And the shtick is that he uses different parts of the day to poetically illustrate his strong affection for this lady. It may even be that at certain junctures, such as the first verse, the singer is referring to sex. But this is the Bee Gees we’re talking about. So even if such is hypothetically so, the vocalist’s desire to be with the addressee is presented in very colorful, bubblegum pop lingo.

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The one part of this song that does read a bit different is what appears to be the hook, i.e. the passage that comes in between the second and third verses. Therein the lyrics take a more philosophical slant, where the singer, theoretically, is arguing that we should take our lives slowly instead of trying to rush things – or something like that.

But again, he is by and large singing to specific addressee. All lyrics of this piece considered, what the titular phrase may refer to is the vocalist feeling as if he has a new lease on life as a result of his relationship with this lady.

Lyrics to "In the Morning (Morning of My Life)"

Facts about “In the Morning (Morning of My Life)”

This is a song which Barry Gibb, one of the trio of siblings that made up the Bee Gees, had written in 1965, i.e. the year he turned 19 years old. However, the Bee Gees were not the first to drop a version of “In the Morning”. That distinction rather belongs to Ronnie Burns, a singer from Australia, i.e. the same country where the Bee Gees initially made a name for themselves. 

Amongst other artists who got around to dropping this song prior to the Bee Gees was African-American songstress Nina Simone in 1968.

Meanwhile the Bee Gees’ rendition of “In the Morning” came out in 1970, being the opening track of a double album they put out that year entitled “Inception/Nostalgia“. The issuance of the song was handled by Triumph Records in France and another label known as Karussell Records in Germany.

“In the Morning” is actually the original title of this track. In more contemporary times, it is more popularly known as “Morning of My Life”.

While the Bee Gees were already an internationally successful music act when this came out, “In the Morning” was dropped some time before their signature work, the 1977 soundtrack to the John Travolta film Saturday Night Fever. And throughout the years they did proceed to establish themselves as one of the top-selling acts in music industry history.

5 Responses

  1. WM says:

    There is an early version of this song recorded by the Bee Gees themselves on the Australian album “Brilliant from Birth”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No. It’s about God.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What about John Holts version any thoughts?

  4. Catherine says:

    To me, this is a song of someone who has passed and comes to you in your heart and shared memories.

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