“Judas the Rat” by Vector Tha Viper

As of the release of this song, a trending rap beef is going on between Vector Tha Viper and another prominent Nigerian artist, M.I Abaga. It seems that it was Vector who officially sparked the conflict when he dropped a couple of M.I Abaga-diss tracks (“The Purge” and “Tetracycling”) in late September 2019. 

M.I Abaga then retaliated with his own song shortly thereafter, entitled “The Viper”. So now it’s Vector’s turn, and thus we have “Judas the Rat”. And basically, Vector Tha Viper’s strategy is to use well-known incidents in the life M.I Abaga to portray his rival as a failure in just about every way possible – as a brother, family man, businessman, religious devotee and most importantly as a true homey. 

There is also a part of the song where Vector seems to insinuate that Abaga is gay, with Nigeria being a country that still takes such intended insults seriously. And once again, he uses personal details of M.I’s life in an attempt to try to buttress these point. Amidst all of this, Vector presents himself as basically the opposite, i.e. someone who genuinely represents the ‘hood. For instance, unlike his rival, he doesn’t make other artists pay him for introducing them to the music industry. Also, Vector touts that his own lyrical skills are superior. 

And Tha Viper goes on-and-on, reciting an extensive tirade that is very precise in terms of highlighting a select group of individuals and attacking one in particular. And when he refers to M.I Abaga as “Judas the Rat”, this is apparently along the lines of depicting him as someone with an unfavorable character who is also untrustworthy.

Facts about “Judas the Rat”

Vector Tha Viper wrote “Judas the Rat”. And he released it on 11 October 2019.

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