“Kayleigh” by Marillion

The titular Kayleigh is actually a figure – or rather a composite of figures – from Marillion lead singer Fish’s past. And this song puts a pretty-interesting spin on the thoroughly-trodden heartbreak narrative. The singer points out different memorable experiences he and Kayleigh had together. And not only is he taking blame for their relationship coming apart. But he has also come to realize, despite having his reasons back then, that he has made a serious mistake by calling it quits. 

So basically, the vocalist is in one of those types of situations whereas when he did dump Kayleigh he was so cocky, so to speak. He ‘thought that they’d always be friends’. Or another way of picturing the scenario is that he didn’t take what he was doing seriously and was under the impression that no matter how he behaved Kayleigh would always be around. But alas, time has proven otherwise. And now he finds himself lamenting over his lost love, whom he can never reclaim.

Facts about “Kayleigh”

In 1985, “Kayleigh” was released by Marillion, a rock band from Britain. It was from the ‘Misplaced Childhood’ album and was a huge success. It was not just huge but also their most popular track worldwide.

The track was written by Fish, the lead of the band. According to him, the song is an apology letter to all the women he hurt in the past. He mentioned that he put his career and himself first which led to the demise of many of his relationships that were actually good. Even though the track was about different exes, the title of the song mentioned one particular ex by name Kay Lee.

Initially,  because he was selfish,  he felt he was being treated unfairly in these relationships but realized eventually that he was not the victim at all.

The track was released five years after they created the band.

It is believed that not long after the track was released,  many people who had daughters named them Kayleigh.

The track was also the first of their releases to penetrate the American market. However, they mentioned that even though they were a big deal all over Europe, they were not very much appreciated in the US during performances.

Fish left the band a couple of years after the release of the track.

In 2012, it was announced that the inspiration behind the title of the song had died.

That same year, parts of the song were inscribed unto the pavements in Galashiels‘ market square by the Scottish Borders Council especially considering the connection between the song and Galashiels.

The Keyboardist, Mark Kelly, who was part of Marillion, also mentioned that the song had helped him make money for decades and because of that, he did not need another job.

Who is the woman in the “Kayleigh” music video?

A German model by name Tamara Nowy played the role of Kayleigh in the video. She got married to Fish two years after the track was released but their marriage ended in 2001.

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