“Key West (Philosopher Pirate)” by Bob Dylan

Key West is actually a city in Florida. But more to the point of this song it represents the singer’s dream residence – the place where he has retired, if you will. As such, there are two sentiments being expressed throughout. One is his appreciation of actually finding himself situated in Key West. And the other has him reminiscing – or one could probably say philosophizing – on the course his life has taken.

Quick Facts

Bob Dylan wrote and produced “Key West” and added it to his album, “Rough and Rowdy Ways”. 

Columbia Records released the song on 19 June 2020. It wasn’t released as a single from “Rough and Rowdy Ways”.

Perhaps relatedly, Bob Dylan co-wrote a song called “Florida Key” which came out in 2014. And said track is reportedly a love song.

Was “Key West (Philosopher Pirate)” a single?

No. The album mentioned earlier (from which this song comes) was supported and marketed by these singles:

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