Keylan Bankston’s “God Is A Mute” Lyrics Meaning

More than anything else, “God is a Mute” is an introspective look at the revolving religious philosophy of Keylan Bankston. The song moves through stages where it basically ends where it began, with the artist asking God as to why He does not respond when he prays. 

This anxiety is prompted by Bankston going through a stage in his life where he has “been lost” and “looking for the truth”, praying a lot but not receiving the desired result. However, in the second verse he reaches the point of overcoming his spiritually-focused bitterness and instead realizes that the unwanted challenges which have taken over his life are actually his own doing. 

So he begins to feel humbled for ever questioning the realness of God. However, by the end of the third verse, he is once again lamenting the fact that his “call(s)”, i.e. prayers, remain unanswered. And due to the loneliness Keylan suffers from, he is now hitting the bottle as a remedy. And what this ultimately leads to is him concluding that maybe “God is a mute”.

"God Is A Mute" lyrics

Facts about “God Is A Mute”

  • The track was written by Keylan Bankson and produced by Tellingbeatzz.
  • 31 March 2019 was the official release date of this song.

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    Good smart of this song! Good read for a good artist

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