“Kiss” by Tom Jones & Art of Noise

“Kiss” is centered on the singer’s interaction with a certain romantic interest, who would be the addressee. And perhaps the best way to summarize what he is telling her is that his only prerequisite for a relationship is that she keep it real and physically love him.

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Or stated alternatively she does not have to display any type of extraordinary characteristic, physical or otherwise, in order to be the object of his affection. Rather his primary interest, as stated in the first verse, is in her “body”. And in terms of getting it on, even then she does not have to display any type of exceptional sensual prowess, for the singer himself knows how to get things done. Rather let’s say that he deems her to be suitable as is.

And according to the third verse, the reason he spends so much time asserting such is that apparently this lady does not appreciate her own attractiveness. Moreover she may have self-esteem issues. Or stated otherwise, it seems as if she feels she has to look or behave a certain way in order to turn the narrator on.

Meanwhile he is asserting that women ‘rule his world’. And with her already being one, he is more interested in her behaving like a mature lady as opposed to putting up some type of front. In fact her behaving otherwise seems as if it would turn him off.


So conclusively, “Kiss” is a love song. More specifically, we can say that it is based on the singer’s desire to be intimate with the addressee. And to drive that point home, he is assuring her that she is perfectly fine as is in terms of helping him achieve that goal.

Lyrics of "Kiss"

Facts about “Kiss”

This is a song that was written by the late, great Prince (1958-2016) and originally released as a part of his album “Parade” in 1986.

Meanwhile Tom Jones started covering the song as part of his live act.  And upon seeing him do so on television, Art of Noise got in contact with him in regards to recording an official cover.

Their version of the tune is produced by Art of Noise bandmates Anne Dudley and J. H. Jeczalik.

It proved to be Art of Noise’s biggest overall hit, as well as the song that revitalized Tom Jones’s career. It topped music charts in New Zealand and Spain. Furthermore, it flew to number 5 on the UK Singles Chart and made an appearance on the Hot 100. And overall it charted in over a dozen countries.

“Kiss” by Art of Noise was released by Polydor Records on 28 October 1988.  And it is featured on the band’s first “The Best of the Art of Noise” compilation albums.

Brief History

As would be expected, the reason Tom Jones first started performing “Kiss” was because he liked the song.  So he began playing it in what he described as “an R&B style” during his live shows.

Then later he was scheduled to go on a television show hosted by a popular British media personality named Jonathan Ross. And Jonathan wanted Tom to perform a song which was excitable in nature. Tom himself opted to go with the fiery classic “Great Balls of Fire” (1957) by Jerry Lee Lewis. However, said song is quite outdated, and Jonathan requested that he play something fresh. Jones then opted to render his “Kiss” cover. And as mentioned above, when it was televised, it caught the attention of the Art of Noise. And when he did officially record it with the band, he was so convinced that the product was a hit that he pledged to terminate his music career if it wasn’t.

Eventually Tom Jones went on to meet the Purple One himself. And while he did thank him for “Kiss”, he never went as far as to ask Prince what he actually thought of his cover. This is because Tom feared having his spirit crushed if Prince had stated that he didn’t like it.

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