“Kiss It Better” by Rihanna

“Kiss It Better” speaks about reuniting with a lover after a break in the relationship. She admits that she misses her ex and wants him to come back.

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In the song, she describes how she has not experienced sunshine, which is symbolic of light, happiness or the pleasure she used to get when they were together. She tells her ex to come back because his love is addictive and though he might not be good for her because he kept arguing or yelling at her, she doesn’t really care.

The singer then tells this man who might not be as keen on getting back with her, to swallow his pride because she believes he also got hurt from the breakup. She’s however left with more questions as it appears in the third verse that her ex-lover is still uncertain about getting back with her.


In summary, “Kiss It Better” focuses on the reality of ending a relationship only to realize later that the person you let go is all you really needed. It truly captures the meaning of the popular saying, we never miss the water till the well runs dry.

Lyrics of "Kiss It Better"

Facts about “Kiss it Better”

  • This pop/R&B power ballad was composed by Rihanna alongside several co-authors such as Teddy Sinclair, Rafael Zamai, Jeff Bhasker, and John Glass.
  • Music producers, Kuk Harrell and Detail teamed up to produce this tune. They were assisted by producer Jeff Bhasker.
  • “Kiss It Better” was released as a single together with another of Rihanna’s hit track titled, “Needed Me”. Both tracks came out officially on the 30th of March 2016.
  • British photographer and video director, Craig McDean is credited for directing the accompanying music clip for this song. The video was filmed in Los Angeles and it was premiered on 31st March 2016, via Rihanna’s official VEVO account.
  • Rihanna was expected to perform this tune at the 58th edition of the annual Grammy Awards. However, she was unable to perform at the ceremony due to health concerns.

Accolades/Chart Performance

The song was named #2 on Billboard’s list of Best R&B songs for the year 2016. In that same year, Paste magazine also ranked it as the 13th best song of the year.

Regarding the charts, “Kiss It Better” reached number 1 in Belgium. It managed to reach #62 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the United Kingdom, it did better by peaking at #46.

“Kiss It Better” was selected for the award of Best R&B Song at the 2016 Grammy Awards. However, it was beaten to the accolade by “Lake by the Ocean”, a song performed by R&B artist, Maxwell.


The Barbadian artist has released several remix versions of this tune, including the version she recorded with American singer, Miguel.

The 2017 tune “Foreword”, recorded by rapper, Tyler, The Creator (Feat. Rex Orange County) samples “Kiss It Better”.

On which album is “Kiss it Better”?

It is featured on Rihanna’s eighth studio album – Anti.

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This song could also be about sex of the oral kind:
    “Kiss it, kiss it better, baby
    Been waiting on that sunshine”

  2. Martin says:

    I think it depends on how pervert your mind is. There’s nothing “obvious” to it except the fact that she use to write very sexual songs, Rude Boy, S&M and more. But this song specifically is really up to the listener what you want it to be. “Kiss it” can mean “kiss this situation good again – after a breakup” or it could mean “kiss the va-ina”, but once again – it’s up to the listener. She could have sang “lick it better” if she wanted, it’s not like she wouldn’t dare.

  3. RIHANNA FAN says:

    If you see the video it’s quite sexual in typical Rihanna fashion. The camera angles focusing so much on between her legs from the start is undeniable. I can see there being a dual meaning intentionally, but the first thing that comes up is she wants that oral “kiss”.
    My curiosity was what kind of oral exactly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that it has 2 meanings. On her performance at Superbowl she mixed Rude Boy with Kiss it better and she put her finger on her pu–y and put the finger to nose smelling it with a very provocative look .

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