“Stay” by Rihanna (ft. Mikky Ekko)

Rihanna’s “Stay” speaks about a person who needs a level of certainty in a dysfunctional relationship. The narrator depicts her willingness to be with this man, but is tired of the uncertainties in the relationship.

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She asks him to tell her if he’s really into this so they can stop the cycle of breakups and makeups. At the same time, she doesn’t really understand why she loves him or feels like she cannot live without him, but this is the very reason why she wants him to stay. It seems the reason behind the unstable relationship is that both of them are selfish. They are both in the dark because neither of them wants to admit that they are wrong. She realizes this and in the end acknowledges that she needs him to be complete.

What Rihanna and Mikky Ekko have said about this collabo

Rihanna has mentioned that the song is very emotional and personal to her, almost like she’s telling a story of how she feels to herself. Mikky Ekko, also tells Gigwise that the track is special to him and exposes an intimate part of Rihanna.

Lyrics of "Stay"

Facts about “Stay”

  • This song was released on January 7, 2013, and was the second single to be released from Rihanna’s Unapologetic album. FYI, Unapologetic was the seventh studio album of Rihanna’s career.
  • “Stay” served as Rihanna’s first collaboration with American singer Mikky Ekko.
  • Mikky Ekko wrote this song with support from songwriters Elof Loelv and Justin Parker.
  • The trio, in collaboration with Kuk Harell, produced the track which appeared in the top five on over two dozen different charts across the world. It was number one in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Canada, Israel, and Denmark.
  • In 2013, “Stay” peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This made it Rihanna’s 24th Hot 100 top ten song, an achievement which was formerly held by the late Whitney Houston.
  • It won the award for Song of the Year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2014.
  • After selling almost five million downloads in the US, the song was certified four-times platinum in December 2013. Till date, it remains one of Rihanna’s most successful singles.
  • According to Mikky Ekko, working with Rihanna on the track was the “most intense experience” of his life considering the speed at which they had to work to get it done for her record.

Rihanna along with Mikky Ekko performing “Stay” live at the 2013 Grammy Awards

6 Responses

  1. Eho Mawuenam Yawa Portia says:

    I love Rihanna soo much and this song makes me wanna cry every time I play it or hear it #Rihanna #stay

  2. Joyce says:

    As we love and it’s over we can’t won’t accept it we long to go back to good times or the beginning love is just about happy and caring and sexual bliss and sadly it changes one or both to something different ….. it’s painful when you see it slipping you grab hold on ….. but sadly ……the fact is abuse sets it. Anger desperation … it’s just sad when one or both start clinging to the abuse ……I am that a person who stays eight years too long

  3. Pj says:

    There is depth to this song and a clear message about dysfunctionals espthe lyric of that they are both blind and selfish

  4. Mija says:

    This song reminds me of me and my now dysfunctional ex.
    May he find his inner peace love and hugs foreva eva

  5. I’ll always have love for you. says:

    I wish I desire I want to not be selfish again. I see now that I was just as selfish and inconsiderate as he at times. I am also at fault. I want to find a way to articulate this to him.

  6. ikimnat810 says:

    This is about addiction to Drugs and to the person. From the first line All along it was a fever ( high state ) cold sweats hot headed believer. Show me something he said if u dare come a little closer to the pipe then round and around we go now tell me u getting high again.

    something about the way u move yada yada yada I want u to stay for me to stay high.

    whatever u take u need to blow out.

    and the bridge
    he/she went to the dark path as he/she feels good the temporary high makes him/her numb. hole gone.
    funny ur the broken one but I am the one who needs to be saved

    when u dont see the light (lighter) u dont know who will light and who will hit as theyre caving it.

    well there u go thinkers are doers maybe but thats how i understand it.

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