“Leave It All Behind” by Sleeping with Sirens

Sleeping with Sirens’ “Leave It All Behind” is centered on a powerful case of “depression and anxiety” the singer is suffering from. And throughout the track, he seems to be contemplating suicide. Indeed its very title, “Leave It All Behind”, is based on him pondering what the world would be like when he takes the titular action, as in how people will remember him once he has passed away.

While most of the track deals with the aforementioned subject matter, Sleeping with Sirens ultimately transforms “Leave It All Behind” to a message of support for those who may be going through similar issues. This mainly occurs in the song’s bridge.

Message of Support

In the bridge, the narrator lets listeners who are also dealing with depressing emotions know that instead of doing something self-destructive, they can instead derive hope from the narrator himself. Indeed he states that “you are not alone”. This basically means that he is present to serve as a companion and supporter. Of course such is not to be taken literally, as in the band being on-call to respond to depressed listeners. But rather their intent seems to be to let such people avoid doing anything drastic as there are others who feel the same or to encourage those who can support such people to actually do so.

So in conclusion, we have a song presented by a glum singer who questions his overall importance in the world. And in a roundabout way, this leads back to those in the audience who may be feeling the same. It lets them know that they are not facing such an issue alone.

Lyrics of "Leave It All Behind"

Autobiographical Lyrics

This song was written by Sleeping with Sirens’ frontman Kellin Quinn. He wrote it as somewhat of an autobiographical piece detailing the emotional battles he’s been going through for the last couple of years.

Quick Facts

  • “Leave It All Behind” is the first track Sleeping with Sirens has dropped in 2019.
  • Sleeping with Sirens released this track on 18 June 2019. A few days prior, the band and all of its respective members (Kellin Quinn, Jack Fowler, Gabe Barham, Justin Hills and Nick Martin) wiped their social media accounts clean. This action was reportedly symbolic of them “ushering in a new and banging era” via the release of “Leave It All Behind”.
  • “Leave It All Behind” is the opening track on Sleeping with Sirens’ 2019 album which goes by the title How It Feels to Be Lost.

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