“Lightning” by Rico Nasty

The title of this song is apparently based on an old adage, where Rico is saying that may ‘lightning come and strike her if she’s lying’. Or another indirect way of interpreting this statement is that she’s swearing on her life. She is swearing that what she is saying throughout this song is true. And to get an idea of the type of ideas she is putting forth, she also claims that her “bank account look lightning”. And we can deduce that this metaphor has something to do with her being wealthy. Actually her success is the main topic of this track. 

In fact she dedicates a considerable amount of bars to letting her doubters and haters know that she has in fact made it. And overall, Nasty presents herself as a boss lady, one who is in control of her movements in life and even runs her romantic interests. Or stated succinctly, this is song in which the vocalist is bragging about her wealth and status.

Lyrics of "Lightning"


Rico Nasty presents herself as a boss chick. Not any ordinary boss chick. However, one who is not only paid but on the rise in life in general.

Writing Credits for “Lightning”

This exceptional display of lyricism was written exclusively by Rico Nasty.  And the track was produced by KC Supreme alongside Nick Mira.

Release Date

“Lightning” was released by Atlantic Records on the 17th of March, 2020. It is expected to be featured on Rico’s “Nightmare Vacation” album.

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