“Like A G6” by Far East Movement (ft. The Cataracs & Dev)

“Like A G6” harps back to the day when perhaps we can say that party-oriented, money-based hip-hop songs were at their peak. There are some unconventional lyrics found here, such as the homeys comparing themselves to a “slizard” which, according to Far East Movement, would be a sexy lizard

Also the title of the song, as inspired by Drake actually, is a reference to a type of private jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace which of course is dumb expensive. But that noted, the cause of the vocalists is simply to present themselves as the type of individuals who are always in party mode, complete with all the booze and apparently girls one can handle. And of course such a lifestyle would be afforded to them due to the notion that, as inferred, they have bankroll and are flossing accordingly.

Far East Movement's "Like A G6" Lyrics

When was “Like a G6” released?

Far East Movement through (Interscope and Cherrytree Records) released “Like a G6” on 13th April, 2010. This bragodicious-themed song was issued as the 1st single from Far East Movement’s “Free Wired” album.

“Free Wired”, which was the group’s official 3rd studio album, was supported by two other singles:

  • “Rocketeer”
  • “If I Was You (OMG)”

The combination of all three singles helped make the album the Far East’s most successful project. It actually sold almost 20,000 copies in America within just a week of being released.


“Like a G6” is so far the Far East’s most successful song. Actually it is this particular song that gave the group global stardom.

Upon being released, it didn’t take long for “Like a G6” to climb to the number 1 of the world’s most relevant singles chart, the Billboard Hot 100. This gave the Far East Movement their first and only number 1 hit song in the United States. The Far East also scored a number 1 with this tune in New Zealand.

This is how impressively this song performed on charts worldwide:

  • US – 1
  • UK – 5
  • Sweden – 7
  • Belgium – 2
  • Canada – 3
  • Netherlands – 3
  • New Zealand – 1
  • Austria – 2
  • Australia – 2

Credits for “Like a G6”

This song officially features American singer, Dev. She is the one who handles the chorus (where she sings of feeling “so fly like a G6“). The American hip hop production duo, the Cataracs are also featured on this song. In addition to handling the verses of “Like a G6”, the duo are also actually responsible for the track’s entire production duties. The duo also have a writing credit on the song.

The Cataracs were active from 2003 to 2014. Throughout that period, they never worked on any song more successful than “Like a G6”.

In all, at least half a dozen songwriters receive credits on “Like a G6”:

  • Virman Coquia
  • Niles Hollowell-Dhar
  • Kevin Nishimura
  • James Roh
  • Jae Choung
  • Dev
  • David Singer-Vine
Like A G6

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