Meaning of “Like Whiskey” by Dixon Dallas

Dixon Dallas, the person behind “Like Whiskey”, is an internet-based musician who is better known as IAmJakeHill. Apparently he is a jack of different genres in that thus far, Hill is known primarily as a hip-hop artist. 

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And he does have a wide spread and notable online presence, seemingly spanning all of the major platforms, including thousands of followers on SoundCloud. So IAmJakeHill is listed as the credited composer of “Like Whiskey”, which was released through an indie label called DistroKid on 22 June 2023. And as for his Dixon Dallas alter ego, it has reportedly been in circulation since 2021.

Lyrics of “Like Whiskey”

Perhaps the easiest way to describe this piece, addressing the elephant in the room from the get-go if you will, is as a gay contemporary love song. That is to say that a male American musician expressing romantic feelings for someone of his same gender isn’t anything particularly unusual these days. 

But what makes this song a bit more notable in that regard – contemporary so to speak – is that it also features same-sex sexual references, the type of which we haven’t really come across since the last time we took a look at a Lil Nas X track.

Dixon Dallas can more confidently take such an approach because as it currently stands he isn’t a mainstream musician. But all of that said, besides the fact that the addressee / apple of the vocalist’s eye is also a male, what we are met with here is pretty much your standard love song complete with a number of adult references, some of which may be considered NSFW. 

And as for the title, besides for the vocalist and addressee enjoying said beverage (as noted in the first verse via the shoutout to moonshine), it also revolves around the metaphor of Dixon “sipping” his lover, i.e. getting physical or making love to him.

“He put his hands up on my body, made the room a little hotter
I’m sippin him like whiskey, got me wetter than the water, oh
Swimmin’ in, wanna swim in him too
Make a little love, show you what my booty do
Boy, turn around, lemme hit it from the back
Yeah, I know how you love it when I do it like that”

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Richard says:

    It is about time we hear songs like this. The Lgbtq+ community deserves it. And Dixon broke thru and gave us all this song ???? thank u

  3. Anonymous says:

    God please I hope not to hear this song on the Highway

  4. Bob says:

    What does “Swimmin In”mean?

  5. Richard Hughes IV says:

    Its about time we have a male singing lyrics such as this. female artists lyrics are explicid and sexual toward both men and women and noone bats an eye. Men should be able to express who they are just like the ladies. LOVE All his songs so far and I never was a country music fan this may be my turning point.

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