“Little Does She Know” by Kursaal Flyers

Kursaal Flyers’ “Little Does She Know” is a song about the narrator’s unfaithful lover.  More specifically, as the title infers initially she is not aware that the singer knows of her “cheating” ways. However, he does eventually catch her red-handed in a laundromat, the setting in which the latter half of the lyrics take place. But there is no confrontation, for upon realizing she has been discovered she “made it for the street like a hare”. In other words, she quickly fled the scene. And underneath this entire narrative is apparently a sentiment of remorse on behalf of the vocalist for having a girlfriend who is seeing another dude.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kursaal Flyers's Little Does She Know at Lyrics.org.

The Kursaal Flyers were a short-lived, one-hit wonder band from Britain. And their one hit was “Little Does She Know”, which reached a peak of number 14 in Britain.

This song came out in 1976. And it was written and produced by a musician named Mike Batt.

The Kursaal Flyers once performed “Little Does She Know” on Top of the Pops, a program which formerly served as the main venue for British musicians to perform on television.  And when they did so, the band was “surrounded by gain detergent boxes and laundry machines”.

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