Lord Huron

This is a US rock group that has its roots in the city of Los Angeles in California. The band was created, in 2010 as an individual project, by Ben Schneider. A few years after its creation, Schneider added other members on board.

In addition to Schneider, the band has a line-up that is currently made up of these other artists:

  • Miguel Briseño
  • Mark Barry
  • Tom Renaud

After releasing multiple EPs the band came out with their first full-length project titled “Lonesome Dreams”. This was issued in October of 2012. Their third studio album, “Vide Noir”, proved to be a huge success for the group, as it peaked inside the top-10 of the Billboard 200 chart.

What Style is Lord Huron?

Huron’s music is mainly in the indie rock and indie folk genres.

“The Night We Met”

Lord Huron is best known for their song “The Night We Met” which is part of their album “Strange Trails” released in 2015.

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