“Losing My Mind” by Angels & Airwaves

“Losing My Mind” is one of those songs which, most easily explained, is speaking to the notion of the world being in some type of unfavorable state. More specifically, as Tom DeLonge has sarcastically detailed, the setting would be the United States and how “racists, a pandemic and domestic terrorism” recently hit “all at the same time”.

The narrator’s role in the grand scheme of all of this is as someone, as the title suggests, who is having a hard time coping. Or explained alternatively, he possesses an extremely pessimistic outlook on the society. And this is not only in terms of its common inhabitants but also its leaders. 

And his mind is having a negative, perhaps we can even say violent reaction to all of this, which is something he is also noticed in others. The singer is a man trapped in a situation that he does not approve of. However, simultaneously he can’t really do anything about it except grow increasingly disgruntled. 

Or stated differently yet again, he is becoming just as “crazy” as he perceives the world around him. So ultimately, as presented, this is the story of an individual who is being negatively influenced due to living in what he perceives as an overwhelmingly-hostile environment.

Lyrics of "Losing My Mind"

Release Date of “Losing My Mind”

On 31 July 2021, this will officially become the fourth single released from Lifeforms. The aforementioned Lifeforms is the Angels & Airwaves’ sixth studio album. And it would also appear that the crew also put out an EP entitled Losing My Mind, featuring this song and a few others, a couple of days prior to the above date.

Angels & Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves, which traces its origins back to San Diego, has built up a notable following throughout the years. Their most-recent full-length leading up to Lifeforms was 2014’s The Dream Walker, an undertaking which made it onto the top 40 of the Billboard 200.

“Losing My Mind”

Three of the current members of the band are credited as the writers and producers of “Losing My Mind”. The trio are:

  • lead vocalist Tom DeLonge
  • bassist Matt Rubano
  • drummer Ilan Rubin

The trio wrote it along with Ilan’s brother, Aaron Rubin. 

And for the record, the fourth member of Angels & Airwaves would be the crew’s guitarist, David Kennedy.

What Tom DeLonge said of "Losing My Mind"

Tom DeLonge directed the music video to this song himself. It features the singer portraying a fictional character named Disco. Said clip also features a popular TikToker, a dancer actually, known as Rampage.

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