“Lost Boy” by Whitechapel

There’s a lot going on Whitechapel’s “Lost Boy”. And unless a listener is really familiar with the artist, attempting to decipher it line-for-line may prove an act of futility as in overcomplicating matters. 

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In other words, as often with hard rock pieces, this song seems to be more about the overall sentiment being expressed than the minutiae of what’s being put forth.

Or put differently, there are certain parts of the song that outsiders such as ourselves can also pickup on. For instance, the titular “lost boy” reads more like a classification than a reference to a single person. 

“Lost Boys”

What the term classifies is people who are of the similar mode of thinking as the vocalist. Comprehensively speaking, we can say that he is terming himself so due to a lack of conformity. Phil is a mental person, if you will. That is to say that he’s under the impression that there’s more to life than what’s on “the surface of our minds”. 

Or let’s say that he’s a deep thinker, not only in thought but also in practice. And if you’re actually familiar with such an individual, you likely know that they tend to be critical of the masses, i.e. considering themselves to be operating on a different plane. 

Or as Bozeman describes the ‘lost boys’, they are “one in the same”, “connected” and “orphan sons”, with that latter statement likely alluding to, as stated, them being outcasts, so to speak.

Element of Darkness

But there’s also an overtly dark element to this piece also. And we can say that because, if you are familiar with the type of character described above, then you would likely also attest to the fact that such people generally feel as if they are morally superior to others. 

But that definitely doesn’t seem like the case with this vocalist. Instead he uses such colorful language as there being ‘a snake underneath his shadow’ to illustrate that he has a grim, or “wicked” way of thinking.


But that being noted, Whitechapel obviously considers the “lost boy” lifestyle to be the preferable way of thinking. And the addressee would evidently be a kindred spirit, though one that is going about resisting the call. 

But what the singer is ultimately saying is that being a “lost boy” is the type of character that still binds all of such individuals nonetheless.

Lyrics to Whitechapel's "Lost Boy"

Whitechapel and “Lost Boy”

Whitechapel is a band specializing in deathcore, a genre of music which Wikipedia describes as “extreme metal”. Indeed the band is named after the London district of Whitechapel, which itself is most famous for being the scene of the crimes of the infamous late-19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper. 

And although the membership of the crew has fluctuated throughout the years, the following members have been down since day one (i.e. 2006):

  • frontman Phil Bozeman
  • lead guitarist Ben Savage
  • rhythm guitarist Alex Wade
  • bassist Gabe Crisp

The third guitarist Zach Householder jumped on board in 2007. 

And to note, as of the release of “Lost Boy” by Metal Blade Records on the date of 31 August 2021, the members of the band are all in their late 30s, with Phil (35) being the youngest and Zach (37) the oldest.

Lost Boy

This song is the lead single from Whitechapel’s eighth studio album, Kin. Two of their prior efforts reached number one on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart. The first of those, Our Endless War (2014), was their most critically successful overall, as it also made it onto the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

This song was issued with a music video, which Miles Skarin directed.

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