“Lost in Space” by Lighthouse Family

There have been various viable interpretations concerning who the addressee of Lighthouse Family’s “Lost in Space” may be. Some listeners posit that it might be a deceased loved one of the vocalist, while others believe that Tunde Baiyewu is singing to the Most High. 

But since this is the music industry we’re talking about, another possible theory is that the addressee is the vocalist’s significant other.

One of the reasons that some listeners are convinced that the singer is addressing God would be because of the liberal use of religious terminology such as “heaven”, and of course Tunde asserting that he “will never lose (his) faith” in the addressee. 

Indeed, he is convinced that it is only through such a dedication to the addressee that he will “ever get to heaven”. And honestly, that does read like a statement of religious conviction.

Actually, that is to say that if it were a regular person making such a statement, it could easily be interpreted in such a manner. But again this is the music industry, where for instance “heaven” is commonly used as a term pointing to romantic gratification. 

I’ll never lose my faith in you
How will I ever get to heaven, if I do

With that in mind, it also isn’t uncommon at all for us to come across songs which are replete with religious references but are actually about sex.

But that said, it’s clear that such is not the case with “Lost in Space”. Whether or not Tunde is singing of/to a romantic interest is a matter of debate, but if not, he’s not in a carnal manner.

Rather, by asserting that he would “be lost in space without” this person, that’s the vocalist’s way of saying, most simply interpreted, that said individual plays an all-important role in his life, though the nature of that role isn’t really expounded upon. But as inferred early on in the song, it is addressee who keeps Tunde happy, from feeling lonely and also from adopting a self-centered attitude.

Release of “Lost in Space”

In 1997, British pop duo Lighthouse Family released “Lost in Space” as the third single from their sophomore studio project titled “Postcards from Heaven”.

Released via Polydor Records, “Postcards from Heaven” was accompanied by a total of five singles. Its lead single, “Raincloud”, was released in September 1997. The second single, “High”, was issued a few months later, in December.

The album’s fourth single, “Question of Faith”, dropped in November 1998. “Postcard from Heaven” is the title of the project’s final single, and it was officially put out during February 1999.

The album achieved chart success in many parts of the world. It recorded some of its biggest successes in the UK and Australia where it reached No.2.

Coupled with its chart success, the project has received multiple Platinum certifications from various music industries’ trade associations around the world. For example, it earned 4x Platinum certification from the UK’s BPI.

Who wrote “Lost in Space”?

This single was authored by the group’s member Paul Tucker along with Tim Laws. Scottish record producer Mike Peden oversaw the track’s production. Tunde Baiyewu played no role in the writing of “Lost in Space”.

Notable Highlights

A big hit in the UK, “Lost in Space” peaked at No.6 on the official singles chart there.

Lost in Space

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