Lucinda Williams’ “Come On” Lyrics Meaning

In “Come On”, Lucinda expresses her regret and loss of respect for a person she was previously romantically involved with. The singer details all the bad traits of this guy in a bid to prove that he was not worth her love.

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She starts the track by clearly stating that she has moved on from the relationship because this man only made her sad. She further describes him as a selfish person who lives in an illusion that he’s got it all together. The singer repeatedly emphasizes on the fact that he did not make her who she is, possibly because this man probably thinks he did.

She dismisses his sense of false confidence and bluntly tells this person how undeserving he is of her attention. In the final verse, she points out what could be the main reason for ditching him. Her description reveals that this man likes to brag but does not live up to his word. He is also unable to keep her excited, rather he drains her energy and all she feels is regret when she thinks of him.

Did Lucinda Williams write “Come On”?

Yes. Lucinda composed “Come On” entirely by herself. She even went on to co-produce it with one Hal Willner.

When did Lucinda release this?

2007 was the year Lucinda released this song. It is featured on her bestselling eighth album titled “West”.

Are the lyrics of “Come On” autobiographical?

Despite not having any concrete evidence, we highly suspect Lucinda is addressing a real life ex on this track. And why? The emotions in the song are too strong to be a work of fiction. At least that’s what we think. And we are not alone in thinking like that (:

Did this song win Lucinda Williams a Grammy?

No. However, it should be noted that it gave her two nominations at the 2008 Grammy Awards. “Best Rock Song” was one of the two groupings this track was nominated in. Bruce Springsteen’s “Radio Nowhere” was also nominated in this category and it eventually won it.

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