“M.P.L” by Toni Fowler (ft. Freshbreed)

Toni Fowler is a multi-faceted, internet-based entertainer who hails from the Philippines, who for example boasts 3 million followers on Instagram as of this writing. And amongst Toni’s various endeavors has been dipping her foot into the rap arena, and she has at least one previous track on record. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Toni Fowler's M.P.L at Lyrics.org.

That song, “FF” (2022), didn’t make any noise. But it appears as if this time around she struck gold or at least more musical notoriety with “M.P.L”, alongside Freshbreed, another Filipino musician who appears to be a singer. And it is Fowler and Freshbreed who are credited with writing this song.

Why “M.P.L” is famous

The primary reason “M.P.L” has been making headlines though is due to what can be deemed its adult-themed music video. 

The clip, including the sound of the song itself, starts off a lot like what you would expect from a popular female rapper such as Nicki Minaj. But as it progresses it becomes very graphic, including the vocalist almost completely nude, which isn’t really anything new in the hip-hop game. 

But then there’s also the neverending depictions of pen-ses, some of which look very lifelike. Indeed, it can be said that the imagery associated with this song is sorta based on a plastic-pen-s motif. This actually buttressed by the track’s cover art also. 

But amidst the associated backlash, the rapper has clarified that the visual is in fact intended for adult audiences. And she went on to imply if children do wind up seeing, the blame should rather be placed on their parents for not regulating what they watch.

Other criticism the clip has garnered includes its liberal, and one may even say dangerous depictions of alcohol consumption, including by one of the co-stars of the visual, another social media star by the name of XBreezy Babe Papi, who was concurrently pregnant. 

But both XBreezy and Fowler have clarified that the alcohol in the clip isn’t real – a fact would be more or less obvious to any experienced adult anyway, since it would take a really extraordinary person and not your average female to down tequila like it’s water.

The Lyrics

First off, let it be known that we are dealing with a rough translation of the Filipino lyrics, which isn’t ideal for analysis. But that noted, it appears what we are met with here is an alcohol-based sex song. 

The primary vocalist seems to be putting forth that even if a guy who wants to bonk her isn’t adept in the art of seduction, if he manages to get her drunk enough then he will succeed nonetheless. Or as Freshbreed puts forth in the chorus, when Toni is boozed she “become(s) a tiger”.

So with that being established the second verse takes on a different tone, whereas the vocalist and addressee are apparently getting it on and as such Fowler tasks herself with dropping a number of sex-and-alcohol related metaphors or what have you. 

And she is arguably a talented lyricist for being able to effectively pull that task off. But at the same time, there really isn’t anything extraordinary or revolutionary about this song except for the fact that it’s coming from the Philippines, a country that is not widely known for producing such raunchy content.

“Ramdam kong nag-iinit ka
Lalo na’t ‘pag lasing ka
Lasing ka, lasing ka na
Sa bawat tagay nagiging tigre
Nangangagat lalo’t ‘pag lasing ka”

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