Manuel Turizo’s “La Bachata” Meaning

The title of this track (“La Bachata”) is a genre of music and style of dance which traces its origins back to the DR, i.e. Latin America, with Manuel Turizo himself being from Colombia. However, based on his explanation, the song is not about said style but rather has been titled so because it falls into that genre.

What the lyrics are actually premised on is that adage that goes if you let your significant other follow their own path (i.e. break up), then if the person truly loves you, he or she will return. 

So with that in mind, what we are met with here is the addressee being the vocalist’s ex. As clearly illustrated in the first verse, Manuel still has feelings for her. However, the chorus indicates that he is not compelled ‘to ask her to come back’. Instead, his focus is on his own upkeep and emotional wellbeing.

But the reason why he is so, as inferred in the lyrics, isn’t only because he believes the aforementioned philosophy. Rather, their relationship fell apart to begin with due to the addressee doing him dirty. Or as inferred in the second verse, she cheated on him, and Manuel is still pissed as a result. So it’s sorta like he has this love/hate thing going on in terms of remembering her.

The Conclusion

So in closing, we will say that such assertions, i.e. the vocalist expressing enduring love for the addressee in the first verse yet lingering hate in the second, are not contradictory but rather conflicting. That is to say that Turizo may have a legitimate gripe with his ex, but yet and still, he misses her.

Lyrics of Manuel Turizo's "La Bachata"

Release Date of “La Bachata”

“La Bachata” was dropped on 26th May, 2022. This is a song from the album Turizo named after the year he was born in, “2000”.

Did Manuel Turizo write “La Bachata”?

Yes, Manuel has a credit on this song.

Juan Diego Medina
Manuel Turizo
Song Producers:Edge

Chart Success

“La Bachata” topped the charts in multiple Latin American countries, from Argentina to Mexico. It also scored a number 1 for Turizo in Spain.

In the United States, it topped multiple major charts, including the US Latin Airplay.

La Bachata

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