“Masquerade.wav” by Siouxxie

Apparently, the title of this song (“Masquerade.wav”) was inspired by a videogame about vampires. And relatedly, we have Siouxxie comparing himself to one of such entities therein. For instance, apparently his references to “sipping blood” are actually allegories for consuming certain hard drugs. 

But besides that, he also presents himself as a ‘scary’ individual “like Dracula”, the master of all vampires. And the vocalist may mean that assertion a bit more literally, as he for example alludes to gunning people down in the song’s sole verse. 

Also his ability to “fly like a bat”, akin to Dracula, in Siouxxie’s case rather serves the purpose of allowing him to sneak up on enemies or what have you. And as further expounded in the bridge, the rapper does consider himself as someone who is ‘losing his mental’ and ‘feels like a monster’. Simply put, he is having a violent mental breakdown, so to speak.

So even though from an audio perspective “Masquerade.wav” may come off like a dance song, its lyrics are a lot darker than the tunes we usually find in this category. It can very easily be ascertained that this piece is, to some extent, gangsta rap. 

But all lyrics considered, it may be classified more along the lines of emo hip-hop. This is due to the fact the main emphasis of the wording is centered on the mental health of the vocalist.

Siouxxie, "Masquerade" Lyrics


All in all, “Masquerade.wav” is a song heavily inspired by the following:

  • vampirism
  • drug abuse
  • gangsta rap

But in the midst of all that, the central focus of the lyrics are on Siouxxie’s mental health.

But who is Siouxxie?

There appears to be very little information online in regards Siouxxie as of the release of “Masquerade.wav”. For example, his Genius bio only notes the singer as being “a non-binary artist who specialized in hyperpop”. 

And the discography featured thereupon indicates that Siouxxie has been professionally active since 2020. Actually “Masquerade.wav” came out on 17 June of that year. Also he does have a notable following, consisting of nearly 12,000 Instagram subscribers as of the writing of this post.


Masquerade.wav was written by Siouxxie. And as far as the unique title of the song goes, Siouxxie is an artist who sometimes puts file extensions at the end of the names of his tracks. An example is his 2020 song titled “Cupcakes.mp3”. Also to note, the name of his Instagram account is currently “siouxxie.exe”.

The aforementioned videogame which is said to have influenced this work and most notably its title is Activision’s 2004 outing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


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  1. nico di angelo cosplayer says:

    please change — if possible — he to they. like you said, this artist is non-binary. 🙂

  2. Cookie says:

    But what does masquerade mean

  3. Anonymous says:

    The artist’s pronouns are they/them

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