Meaning of “Get Down On It” by Kool & The Gang

There’s no misdirection as far as the nature of this song is concerned, as the lyrics of “Get Down On It” read actually as the track sounds. The term “get down” is a 1970s’ era slang which means, most simply put, to dance. And as effectively relayed in the chorus, that’s what Robert “Kool” Bell and the rest of the gang are encouraging listeners to do.

There is somewhat of a short narrative as far as the verses are concerned. What it seems to revolve around premise-wise is the type of person who wants to let loose in a party but is too shy to do so. 

So the vocalist’s disposition is basically along the lines of arguing that such timidity is the natural enemy of getting down. Or the way he puts it, “how you gonna do it if you really don’t wanna dance by standing on the wall?” And whereas that question may not make particular sense, again, this song is effective in getting its point across nonetheless, which is that you can’t fully enjoy a dance party by being a wallflower.

(Get down on it) Baby, baby
(Get down on it) Get on it!”

When did Kool & the Gang release “Get Down On It”?

This classic was officially released through De-Lite Records on the 28th of September, 1981. The song was released as the final single from the band’s 13th studio album with the title “Something Special”. Two other singles preceded the release of this song, “Steppin’ Out” followed by “Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)”.

Who Composed “Get Down On It”?

The following songwriters have been recognized as its authors:

  • Claydes Smith
  • Eumir Deodato
  • George Brown
  • James “J.T.” Taylor
  • Khalis Bayyan
  • Robert “Kool” Bell
  • Robert Spike Mickens

Who Produced It?

Brazilian record producer, pianist and composer, Eumir Deodato has been credited as the song’s producer.

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