Meaning of “Smoke” by Dynamic Duo & Lee Young Ji

Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji’s “Smoke” centers on a narrative of dominance, fearlessness, and resilience. Through vivid imagery and assertive language, the lyrics depict a relentless personality prepared to face any challenges head-on. The recurring motif of destruction followed by restoration in the chorus hints at a cycle of rebirth and new beginnings, presenting a powerful message of defiance and determination.

Introduction and Pre-Chorus

In the intro and pre-chorus, the lyrics set a strong and assertive tone with phrases like “light it up” and describing themselves as a relentless type of person who doesn’t back down. They talk about going hard, either “running or falling,” showcasing a relentless and bold personality. The notion of being a fierce competitor, one who has no brakes like a “bike without brakes,” sets the stage for the rest of the song, indicating that they are all about moving forward without hesitation.


The chorus repeats the phrase “I’m gonna smoke you up, I’ma smoke you”. This phrase seems to be a strong statement of intent to dominate or overcome someone or something. It’s paired with the Korean lyrics that translate to “I’ll smash everything and restore it,” showing a balance between destruction and restoration. This may symbolize a cycle of rebirth or new beginnings following a confrontation or a struggle.

Verse 1 and 2

In these verses, the narrator depicts their confidence and readiness to face challenges head-on. Phrases like “to your goal post ‘cause you have no keeper” and “stepping on you as I go, you are the horizontal line on the pedestrian crossing” paints a picture of dominance and fearlessness. There is a display of confident attitude, with mentions of shooting and overpowering opponents, emphasizing their unbeatable and strong personality.

Verse 3

This verse maintains the assertive tone, with the artist portraying themselves as an outsider and a “dice roller” who takes risks. They speak of being tough and ready to engage in a fight if necessary, indicating a fearless and bold approach to life. It also introduces a sense of resilience and stability in their life, mentioning how they’re finished with instability and urging others to reach out if they want something from them.

Verses 4 and 5

In these verses, the lyrics continue to emphasize the artist’s strong and unforgiving nature with a depiction of physical dominance through “high kick, low kick” and breaking the opponent’s pride. They show a sense of growth from experiencing various things, hinting at a journey from humble beginnings to success. Mention of evolving from “Daewoo cars to Tesla” illustrates an upward trajectory in life. This showcases their success and growth over time.

The Long and Short of “Smoke”

To conclude, this song is all about displaying dominance, resilience, and the spirit to overcome challenges. It portrays a tough character who is not afraid to take risks and face obstacles head-on. The recurring chorus reinforces the aggressive yet resilient spirit depicted throughout the song. This offers a narrative of someone who is both a warrior and a survivor, ready to “smash everything and restore it,” suggesting a kind of ruthless, yet rejuvenative force. It’s a powerful anthem of defiance and determination.

“I’m gonna smoke you up, I’ma smoke you
I’m gonna smoke you up, I’ma smoke you
싹 다 부수고 원상복구해 (Light it up)”

Credits for “Smoke”

These are the writers officially credited with writing “Smoke”:

  • Gaeko
  • Choiza
  • Lee Young Ji
  • Padi

When was “Smoke” released?

“Smoke” officially came out on 5th September, 2023.


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