Meaning of “Te Guste” by Jennifer Lopez & Bad Bunny

“Te Guste” is the title of a 2018 collaboration between American singer Jennifer Lopez and Puerto Rican reggaeton/Latin trap recording artist Bad Bunny. The song features a strong theme of flirtation. In it, two strangers who met each other for the first time found themselves instantly attracted to each other. But things didn’t just end at them liking each other. The couple proceeded to have a special and memorable time together. Now they are reminiscing about that very special time they shared together. That’s primarily the long and short of the story of this song.


Meaning of “Te Guste”

This is a Spanish phrase. In English it means “You liked me”.

Quick Facts about “Te Guste”

  • This track was penned by a host of songwriters, including Jennifer Lopez and Bad Bunny.
  • DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz co-produced the song.
  • Over 99% of the lyrics of “Te Guste” are in Spanish.
  • “Te Guste” was released via Sony Music Latin and G2 on November 9, 2018. However, prior to that official release, Jennifer Lopez had announced that she had worked with Bad Bunny on a new song. She even shared a short trailer of the song’s music video.
  • Prior to this song, Lopez had never worked with Bad Bunny. This is therefore the first time both artists are working together.
  • The official English title of “Te Guste” is “You Liked Me”.
  • An official music video accompanied the release of this track. The music video, which was directed by Mike Ho, features both singers (J.Lo and Bunny).
  • Upon its release, “Te Guste” became Lopez’s 5th single of 2018 as lead artist.
  • The song consists of an intro, 3 choruses, 2 verses and an outro. Bunny handles the first verse whereas Lopez handles the second. However, the pair handles together the intro, choruses and outro.

What musical genre is “Te Guste”?

This song best fits into the reggaeton genre.

Fun Fact about Bad Bunny

Before gaining worldwide stardom, Bad Bunny worked as a bagger in a supermarket.

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