Meaning of “Wasted Nights” by ONE OK ROCK

In the song “Wasted Nights”, ONE OK ROCK are not lamenting over time they have wasted. What are they doing then? They are rather advising themselves and others not to waste any time, as in we should enjoy every day of our lives.

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This assertion is based on a sudden burst of boldness Takahiro Moriuchi is experiencing. This energy empowers him to believe that he is undefeatable. But he also sees this characteristic in others. As such, he advises us all to approach the evening with full confidence in pursuit of the life we want to live. In fact it is during these times when we feel most alive. Indeed instead of worrying about tomorrow, when tomorrow evening rolls around, we’ll instead be talking about the good time we had tonight. In this way, we will be living like ‘immortals’, who are not afraid of death. And when this cycle is repeated, it results in “no more wasted nights”.

ONE OK ROCK also acknowledges that individuals have their separate ambitions. Yet despite chasing what we want, we all already possess what we need. The track ends on a note of anxious anticipation to put the aforementioned philosophy into practice.

Lyrics of "Wasted Nights"

When was “Wasted Nights” released?

The song was released on January 31, 2019 through the record labels A-Sketch and Fueled by Ramen. It is the third single from the band’s ninth studio album titled Eye of the Storm.

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