Meaning of “We Appreciate Power” by Grimes

“We Appreciate Power” is a single by multiple award-winning Canadian singer and songwriter, Grimes. The song also features vocals from American singer-songwriter HANA. Generally, the lyrics of “We Appreciate Power” center on the theme of transhumanism. In case you are wondering what transhumanism is, it is simply the belief that that life on earth can be enhanced through science and technology.

According to a press release that accompanied the release of “We Appreciate Power”, the lyrics were penned from the point of view of a girl group championing the propagation of pro-artificial intelligence.

The statement went on to further state that by merely listening to this song, your offspring would be less likely to be deleted by the future AI overlords.

“We Appreciate Power” was inspired by the famous North Korean all-female group, Moranbong Band (also called the Moran Hill Orchestra). FYI the Moranbong Band is sponsored by the government of North Korea. Each member of the group was handpicked by supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

Here’s the full statement by 4AD (Grimes’ record label) regarding the meaning of this song:

Meaning of the song "We Appreciate Power"


Facts about “We Appreciate Power”

  • Grimes and HANA teamed up with songwriter and producer Chris Greatti to write this song. In addition to composing the song, the trio also produced it.
  • “We Appreciate Power” was released as a single on November 29, 2018.
  • The song was released in the company of a lyric video (which can be watched above). That video was directed by Grimes in conjunction with Mac Boucher. Boucher is Grimes’ brother.
  • Prior to the release of “We Appreciate Power”, the last single Grimes released as lead artist was as far back as in 2015. That single was titled “Kill V. Maim”.

Have Grimes and HANA worked together before?

Yes. Hana is a longtime friend and collaborator of Grimes.

Grimes and HANA

Grimes and HANA performing live in 2016.

On which album does “We Appreciate Power” appear?

It currently (as of November 2018) isn’t on any album. However, it is expected to appear on Grimes’ fifth studio album. Presently the title and release date of that album are unknown.

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