Metallica’s “Screaming Suicide” Lyrics Meaning

In James Hetfield’s own words, the chorus of “Screaming Suicide” serves as a reference to the ubiquity of suicidal thoughts. Or as he put it, “at one point or another… most people have thought about [suicide]”. 

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So all the song’s lyrics considered, what the title of this song refers to is an individual being in a state where he or she cannot quell such ideas. But as put forth in the refrain, Hetfield and the gang espouse “fight(ing) your mind” when found in such predicaments.

But that’s far from being all that’s going on here. The first verse centers on what it is, under Metallica’s estimation, that eventually drives people to the point of such harrowing depression to begin with. And once again based on James’s explanation, that would, more simply put, lingering trauma or other less-than-ideal experiences from childhood.

So the “voice… teaching you of fears” mentioned in the first verse would logically be the likes of socializing institutions. And it is the low self-esteem we are subsequently afflicted with is what the band is out to combat via this outing.

Lyrics of Metallica's "Screaming Suicide"

James Hetfield talks about “Screaming Suicide”

In shedding more light on the meaning of “Screaming Suicide”, Hetfield stressed on how important it is for the subject of suicide to be discussed in a healthy way. According to him, this song is basically about addressing this topic, which has so far been a taboo in many societies. Hetfield feels it is wrong for us to deny that darkness that we sometimes feel inside. To him, talking about it, is the only way forward. And that is what “Screaming Suicide” is all about. The song is designed “to communicate” that darkness within us to others in the hopes of being cured of it.

If you are dealing with such dark thoughts, Hetfield wants to let you know that you are not alone. Help is on the way.

Screaming Suicide

Release of “Screaming Suicide”

“Screaming Suicide” was released on 19th January, 2023. It is the second single to be released from “72 Seasons”, the band’s eleventh album.


The following members of Metallica have been credited in the song writing process:

  • James Hetfield – lead vocals and rhythm guitarist
  • Robert Trujillo – bassist
  • Lars Ulrich – drums

James and Lars produced “Screaming Suicide” together with Greg Fidelman.

Words from Fans

This track has garnered many personal stories from fans, most of which are heartbreaking. More specifically those who has had their brush with suicide, either having had thoughts of doing it or losing loved ones to it.

A fan shared that when she was younger, she had a tough time dealing with suicidal thoughts, and she thought she was alone. And now, listening to “Screaming Suicide”, it’s like someone telling her she’s not alone, which makes her emotional.

Another wrote that she had lost her husband to suicide 10 years ago, and her brother suffered the same fate 10 weeks after. With their death anniversaries around the corner, she finds herself in a very dark place, yet again, and this track has offered her some solace.

All in all, fans feel they’ve finally been heard and given the comfort they’ve needed through “Screaming Suicide” as they now feel they’re not going through this issue alone.

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