MF DOOM’s “Doomsday” Lyrics Meaning

“Doomsday” is MF DOOM’s version of a braggadocious rap from relatively early in his career. That means that even though the lyrics are intricate, as the years progressed he got even better as a rapper, culminating in his 2004 masterpiece “Mm… Food”. Moreover MF’s shtick was to fashion himself after the fictional character Dr. Doom of Fantastic Four fame. 

And accordingly throughout his career his lyrics, including certain junctures of this song, make references to cartoons, comic books and things of such. For instance, his collaborator on the track, Pebbles, is officially referred to as “the Invisible Girl”. But again, all of the metaphors used throughout are intended to point to the same main ideas which have come to define rap music. And those are the vocalist’s lyrical skills, toughness and wherewithal with women. Also, as another theme throughout his career, in this song Doom expresses a particular disdain for those he deems as fake emcees.

“Doomsday” was written by DOOM alongside Pebbles the Invisible Girl, a songstress whose recording history only features a few MF DOOM tracks.

As was his standard, MF DOOM (1971-2020) also produced the track and did so via the utilization of samples. And the two songs he sampled into Doomsday are Poetry (1987) by Boogie Down Productions and Kiss of Life (1992) by Sade.

This song is featured on DOOM’s debut album, which is entitled Operation: Doomsday and is a product of Fondle ‘Em Records.

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