“Model Village” by IDLES

This song illustrates a community, or model village in which the people residing there have a fixed perception of what should be normal thus oppose anything different. The narrator certainly dislikes this village not just because of its own limitations but for the fact that the people actually believe they are in the right.

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He uses the word ‘model’ often because of the standards predetermined by this society. According to the narrator, this village has a particular ideal that they look out for in everything, and refuse to adapt to the differences that exist in humanity. Apparently, the people are somewhat racist, homophobic, greedy, and political right. It is for this reason that the writer reveals in the chorus that he sees nothing good in the place but a bunch of people who live in fear and don’t want to change.

Joe Tabolt speaking to NME about the song explained that it was about how he hated the city he grew up in, only to grow up and realize that the problem was not just the town but the people living in it.

“Model Village” Information

Writing: Joe Talbot and his Idles bandmates
Album: Idles’ 2020 album “ULTRA MONO”
Release: 11th August, 2020

NOTE: “Model Village” came out via Partisan Records as Ultra Mono’s fourth single.

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