“More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat – Andrea True was in fact an adult movie actress, at least during one stage of her life and concurrently while engaged in her music career. This will likely be one of the first things mentioned in any article you read about her. 

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But we’re not judging her or trying to blow up her spot or anything. Rather when a musician who has a fresh past in the adult movie industry drops a track entitled “More, More, More”, well, you already know where most people’s minds are going to drift to.

In fact DJs who spun this song in clubs, where it proved especially popular, were quite fond of enlightening listeners to the fact that Andrea True had a naughty past, since doing so gave the track an added, shall we say more precise dimension of meaning. 

Interesting Lyrics of “More, More, More”

And there were also other juicy lyrical tidbits which relatedly pointed to such naughty ideas. For instance, the line “just get the cameras rolling and get the action going” again implies something overtly-sexual as far as the adult entertainment industry is concerned.

But at this point let it be known that Andrea True herself didn’t write this song. Rather her musical partner, Gregg Diamond, did. 

But nevertheless he was someone who undoubtedly knew how she made a living, as when she recorded this song she was still by and large in that industry.  He knew how this track would be interpreted if someone actually knew who Andrea was, which based on the extensiveness of her filmography quite a few dudes at least actually did.

A Song about Bedroom Fun?

But all of that being noted, even if “More, More, More” were sung by a nun still people would get the idea that it is about bedroom fun. That is to say that within the context of adult romance, as this song is set, there are only so many ways one can interpret the phrase “more, more, more, how do you like it”. 

Also the singer tells her partner that ‘if he wants to know how she really feels’ then he should “just get the cameras rolling”. 

And even if that statement is not interpreted as alluding to a literal taping still, considering the metaphor at hand, it is obvious that her intent is to show him how much she loves him in a physical way. 

Then she is telling the addressee to ‘take her where he wants to’, i.e. a sexy lady totally giving to the will of her lover. And already there’s the fact that the artist is wearing hot pants and shaking her behind in the music video, some decades before such became the norm in pop music.

Lyrics of "More, More, More"

In Conclusion

But that being said, stripped down to its most-basic expression, “More, More, More” might not be best categorized as a bedroom fun song. Rather what we are dealing with her is more true-to-life sensual innuendos than usual. But the track’s thesis sentiment, simply put, is that the singer is in love with the addressee and is willing to prove it.

Andrea True Connection

Although Andrea True Connection may sound like the name of an entire outfit, instead it consisted of only two musicians.  First was the late Andrea True (1943-2011), who recorded the demo to this song, her first record actually, in a moment of financial desperation. 

And her musical partner during this era was Gregg Diamond (1949-1999), the same musician who produced “More, More, More”. And he also wrote the song, reportedly doing so in just an hour.

Facts about “More, More, More”

This song was recorded in Jamaica, at a historic venue called Federal Studios in the city of Kingston. 

And the horn musicians used were actually those who worked for Grenadian singer Mighty Sparrow, whose entourage he ran into while in the country.

This classic is the title track of Andrea True’s debut album, of which she released three between 1976 and 1980. Also during that time span, she dropped approximately 10 singles, with this being her signature song

She ultimately passed away at the age of 68 due to heart failure. And just to note she also stopped making adult movies around the same time her music career ended.

This track came out during February of 1976, the same year in which the album it is featured on was released by Buddah Records. 

The overall project wasn’t a mega hit, though it did break the top 50 of the Billboard 200. But the single itself was a lot better received. In terms of its success, it reached as high as number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, it made it to number 5 on the UK Singles Chart. 

It was also ranked 17th on Billboard’s year-end chart of 1976.

This song has also enjoyed an enduring pop-media presence, most notably making a couple of appearances on The Simpsons.

The version of this song that blew up was actually a remix as rendered by Tom Mouton, a pioneer as far as remixes go.               

More, More, More

Famous Covers of “More, More, More”

This Andrea True classic was covered by Bananarama in 1993. And whereas they may have better name recognition than Andrea, the original fared better.

And the same is true with a cover by English singer Rachel Stevens in 2004, though her rendition reached number 3 in Britain.

Additionally the instrumental was sampled onto a song called “Steal My Sunshine” (1999) by a Canadian band known as Len, with said track being a notable hit.

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