“Moskau” by Dschinghis Khan

“Moskau” has actually been well-received in Moscow. And perhaps part of the reason is because Dschingis Khan, being a German act, proceeds to big up a city which, in the eyes of the outside world and especially during the Soviet era, is often depicted as this sorta of cold, lifeless place. 

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Well the vocalist does confirm Moscow is in fact quite chilly, and relatedly all of the snow and what have you can make the place look deserted at times. But internally, this locality is very much jumping. So the further implication is that this is something you wouldn’t know about Moscow unless maybe you’re an insider yourself.

But that said, Moscow is also a place that can’t be realistically mentioned in such a, shall we say global context without in one way or another acknowledging its troubled history and communist leanings. And such facts are also alluded to in the lyrics. But even in that regard, it seems that what the vocalist is getting at is depicting the citizens of Moscow (and by extension Russia as a whole) as being a passionate people. So when the occasion calls for it, they’re just as dedicated to having a good time as they are defending their homeland, so to speak.

Lyrics to Dschinghis Khan's "Moskau"

Dschingis Khan

Dschingis Khan is a disco/pop band from Germany. And as you can probably tell by their fashion sense, they’re also Eurovision Song Contest fodder. They were actually formed for that specific purpose in 1979. Whereas they did not emerge victorious from that competition, Dschingis Khan has put together a pretty lengthy discography and remains extant to this day. 


This song is from their first LP, itself entitled “Dschingis Khan”. This is actually the only album they dropped that really made noise internationally. “Moskua” is part of the reason why, as the song charted in a handful of countries. It even proved to be a chart topper in Australia, where it has also been certified platinum.

There is also an English version of this song, which is entitled “Moscow”. And that rendition was a number one hit in Austria, having also earned platinum certification there. Overall, this is the type of tune whose popularity exceeds its chart showing.

For instance, it has also been pointed out that this song has proven enduringly popular in Russia, of which Moscow is the capital city. However, by the looks of things it didn’t actually chart there.

Additionally, “Moskau” has been covered by a number of different acts from all over the world.

This song was written by Ralph Siegel, who also produced the track, alongside Bernd Meinunger. Neither of these men was actually members of the band. At the time, Dschingis Khan consisted of these musicians:

  • Steve Bender
  • Wolfgang Heichel
  • Leslie Mándoki
  • Louis Hendrik Potgieter (1951-1994)
  • Edina Pop
  • Henriette Strobel

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