NI BIEN NI MAL by Bad Bunny

NI BIEN NI MAL is a track from Bad Bunny’s debut album, X 100PRE, which was surprisingly released on Christmas Eve in 2018. The album was a holiday gift to his fans and showcased his versatility as an artist. The song, like many on the album, explores themes of love, loss, and success, often blending them seamlessly within a single track. NI BIEN NI MAL talks about the emotional aftermath of a breakup and the artist’s attempt to move forward.

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The writers behind this song are Benito Martinez (Bad Bunny), Marco Masis (Tainy), and other talented individuals who worked together to create this hit. Tainy, a renowned producer and songwriter in the reggaeton and Latin trap scenes, has been instrumental in crafting numerous hits in the genre. His collaborations with Bad Bunny have often resulted in chart-topping tracks that blend various musical styles.

X 100PRE, the album housing NI BIEN NI MAL, was a significant release for Bad Bunny. Not only did it mark his debut but it also solidified his place in the Latin trap and reggaeton scenes. The album explores various musical styles and themes, from love and heartbreak to success and pride in his Puerto Rican heritage. It was praised for its experimental approach to Latin trap and reggaeton, breaking from genre traditions and exploring new sounds and narratives.

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