“No Diet” by Digga D

The punchline Digga D’s “No Diet” is based on comes at the climax of the chorus, which is “you know the coke ain’t diet”. Now there are a couple of ways this can be deciphered. Being that this is indeed a hardcore rap tune (despite coming to us via the UK), of course this could be a reference to cocaine, which is ultra-popular in the United Kingdom.

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However, based on the cover art, it instead apparently refers to Coca-Cola, as in the artist being on “no diet”. In other words, Digga D is eating to his fill and letting the world know it.

By virtue of this, one of the main themes of the music video is wealth. However, the subject the actual song tackles the most seems to be street violence. For instance, Digga makes a number of references to guns (despite the UK being known for its strict gun laws). 

Another topic he deals with quite-extensively is his intimate exploitation of women, which in some cases may be somebody else’s girlfriend. When you combine the wealth, violence, women and braggadocio, “No Diet” more or less reads like a mainstream rap tune from the other side of the pond. 

And by the way, it’s important that we mention that British artists are becoming much-more proficient and producing these kinds of tracks.

Lyrics of "No Diet"

Who wrote “No Diet”?

The track was written exclusively by Digga D while the renowned UK produced Ghosty produced it.

When was “No Diet” released?

This song was officially released on 18 April 2019. It garnered over 150,000 views on YouTube within its first eight hours of release.

Digga D actually held a marketing campaign for “No Diet” prior to its release, which included hanging related stickers throughout London.

Something Noteworthy

The first line of the first verse is dedicated to Digga D giving a shoutout to his colleague Russ, who featured Digga on his “Gun Lean (Remix)” released earlier in 2019.

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