“Not Enough” by Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade’s “Not Enough” is based on a romance the singer (John Vesely) was engaged in, and he is addressing that ex. This relationship occurred when both he and she were “young” and reads as if it was the first time he truly fell in love.

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But unfortunately things were not all roses between the two of them. In fact the track begins with them arguing on the roadside. And in response to this tension, John dumped her, apparently in public while they were having one of their quarrels.

But now he is in his feelings. That is to say that he regrets taking such a severe course of action, because now he sorely misses his boo. So outside of delineating certain details of their relationship as mentioned above, the majority of the lyrics of “Not Enough” are dedicated to John trying to win her back. And in that regard, he uses the titular term in two ways.

The first way is that he seemingly doubts (in being honest with himself) that he will be able to convince her to deal with him again. He knows deep within him that of his pleading and begging for her to come back is “not enough”.  And secondly, he asks if the two of them together is “not enough”. In that regard, he is entreating her to look inside at the strength of their love and let that be the determining factor concerning whether or not she will take him back.


So in summation, this song is being relayed by a guy who messed up with his girlfriend big time and realizes that he “made a mistake”. So now, succinctly put, he is imploring her to forgive his errors and instead let him be her lover once again.

Lyrics of "Not Enough"

Release Date of “Not Enough”

Secondhand Serenade released this song via Glassnote Records on 16 August 2019.

Songwriting Credits for this tune

John Vesely (lead singer of Secondhand Serenade) wrote this song along with Italian-American songstress Veronica Ballestrini.

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