“Number Five with a Bullet” by Taking Back Sunday

Analysts have put forth that “Number Five with a Bullet” is centered on making the move to engage in sexual relations with a partner. And that is actually a very accurate way of describing what’s going on from the addressee’s viewpoint. 

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But how it is actually being relayed is from, shall we say an aroused male’s perspective, with said male being the vocalist and the addressee, his girlfriend. And more to the point would be the idea that she does not want to give it up, and he is trying to convince her to do so. 

Well really, he doesn’t seem to be going too far on the seduction tip, rather leaving it up to the addressee to make her own decision. But let’s also say that up until this point, he was firmly under the belief that he would in fact score. However, the addressee’s indecisiveness on the matter has apparently come to the forefront, and we can also postulate that the vocalist himself is getting turned off by it. 

So in respecting her decision he is reluctantly telling her to “just get dressed” and “don’t do this”, i.e. not to engage in sexual intercourse with him.

Song’s Title (“Number Five with a Bullet”)

Meanwhile the title of this song, which doesn’t actually appear in the lyrics, was derived from a 2000 romcom entitled High Fidelity. The movie stars John Cusack, whose character also is noted as uttering said phrase. 

As used within the film, it is meant to point to his strong disdain for a particular ex-girlfriend as a result of her proceeding to dating a guy he doesn’t like. Well, there doesn’t appear to be any third party in this song. 

So taking the chorus into consideration perhaps what the vocalist is insinuating, as implied by the chorus, is that his relationship with the addressee is also headed towards an undesirable ending, as in he is also developing a dislike for her due to her insistence not to put out.

"Number Five with a Bullet" Lyrics

Interesting Facts

Taking Back Sunday is a band from Long Island that has been around since 1999. In between 2002 and 2016, they managed to come out with seven studio albums, with “Number Five With a Bullet” being from the second of those efforts, 2004’s “Where You Want to Be”. And the song was released as part of that project, via Victory Records, on 27 July 2004.

The entire Taking Back Sunday crew is acknowledged as writing this song, with special credit being given to frontman Adam Lazzara. And the producer of the track is Lou Giordano.

The title of this song was derived from a romcom entitled High Fidelity (2000).

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