Oasis’ “Who Feels Love?” Meaning and Facts

“Who Feels Love?” by Oasis

  • Release Date: 17 April 2000
  • Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
  • Writers: Noel Gallagher
  • Interesting Fact: The song showcases eastern influences, a departure from their earlier sound.
  • Meaning: A psychedelic reflection on love and spirituality.

Eastern Inspiration: The song has a notably Eastern vibe, particularly in its use of the sitar and the drone in the background. This sound is reminiscent of some late 1960s tracks by The Beatles, who were famously influenced by Indian classical music.

Chart Performance: “Who Feels Love?” reached number 4 on the UK Singles Chart, demonstrating that even as the band evolved and experimented with their sound, they maintained a significant presence on the charts.

Music Video: The accompanying music video is set in a desert and has an ethereal, dreamlike quality. The video’s visuals match the song’s psychedelic tone, further emphasizing the band’s shift in musical direction during this era.

Lyric Inspiration: Noel Gallagher, the song’s writer, mentioned that the song was inspired by his personal experiences with drugs. However, he also pointed out that it’s about finding spirituality outside of substances.

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