“October Passed Me By” by Girl in Red

The month of October, within the context of the song “October Passed Me By”, is basically symbolic of romantic love. Thus when the vocalist puts forth in the first verse that “October passed me by just like any other month”, that’s a poetic way of saying that her romance with the addressee has now expired.

So metaphors and allegories aside, what we’re dealing with here for the most part is your quintessential song of heartbreak. And as such tales go sometimes, it doesn’t read like either party intended to do the other dirty. Rather, what the bridge implies is that their union suffered from something like incompatible visions. But by the time all is said and done, Girl in Red does kinda come off as she gave her all to ‘her girl’, only to ultimately end up disappointed and unfulfilled.

Lyrics to "October Passed Me By"

Girl in Red and “October Passed Me By”

Girl in Red is a singer from Norway who has been in the game for about five years now, as of the dropping of “October Passed Me By”. 

In 2018, she came out with a song called “We Fell in Love in October“, which put the songstress on the map and stands as her only true international hit to date. 

So as indicated by the title of “October Passed Me By”, this is the sequel to said track and as such interpolates “We Fell in Love in October”. 

Both songs were written and produced by Girl in Red, though in this case she accomplished both tasks alongside Aaron Dessner of The National. And just as an interesting side note, Dessner seems to be more en vogue with female singers of late since working on Taylor Swift’s 2020 albums “Folklore” and “Evermore”, the first of which won a Grammy Award (and both were nominated).

Along with the release of this track has also come a short film associated with it, which one Gustav Johansson directed.

Girl in Red has referred to “October Passed Me By” as a song which is reflective of where she currently is “emotionally and musically”. Simply put, the lyrics of the song were inspired by a romantic union she shared with someone she referred to as “very special”.

Release Date of “October Passed Me By”

Interestingly this song was officially released in the month of October. The 14th of October, 2022 was the song’s official release date.

Girl in Red announced the forthcoming of this song, which is not associated with any album at its time of issuance, about a week before its release.

October Passed Me By

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