“Off the Deep End” by Priscilla Block

The term “going off the deep end”, within the context of this song, points to the vocalist resolving herself to go “batsh*t crazy”, as in engage in a very wild night(s) out on the town. 

But she isn’t out partying hard just for partying’s sake. The chronology of the verses imply that up until now, Priscilla Block has spent an ample amount of time “cooped up” as a recluse. And the reason being is that she was heartbroken as a result of her significant other bouncing on her.

So now it’s like finally, Block has come out of her hole and decided to remedy the situation with some good ol’ fashioned socializing. Since this is indeed a country track yes, her nightlight is by and large centered on chillin’ in of a bar alongside other rowdy rousers. 

And as for her ex, he still has an interest in Priscilla, “asking around town” about her and all. But it seems that the vocalist has resolved to move on with her life and in the process is making an effort to live more carefreely.

Priscilla Block, "Off the Deep End" Lyrics

Who is Priscilla Block?

Priscilla Block is a country musician who, as of the release of “Off the Deep End”, has one studio album under her belt, “Welcome to the Block Party”, a project that came out earlier in the year. 

Block, who is from the North Carolina capital of Raleigh, has been industry active since 2017 but thus far has only released a handful of proper singles. It has only been recently that she started to blow up, as the songstress was nominated for her first Academy of Country Music Award in 2021 as well as her first CMT Music Award in 2022.

When was “Off the Deep End” released?

Priscilla and her team officially launched “Off the Deep End” on August 5th, 2022.


The music video to this track was directed by one Rand Smith.

Priscilla has a writing credit on this song. So do the following songwriters and music producers:

  • Brandon Paddock
  • Martin Johnson

Both Paddock and Johnson worked together on the track’s production.

Off the Deep End

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