“One Day In Your Life” by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson seems to be using “One Day In Your Life” to address a love interest or an ex who was not appreciative of his love or the moments they shared. The singer seeks to point out that though she currently believes she doesn’t need him, there will come a time when she will wish she did.

The song begins with the writer assuring the subject of the song that no matter how she ignores him, a day is coming where she will reminisce on all the good things she missed. He talks about how she will remember his touch, his love and his attention towards her. Considering the intensity of the lyrics, it is almost as though the writer is promising his love interest that she will surely experience bad days and come to the realization that she needs him.

To prove his commitment to her, the narrator reminds this person that when those moments come, she can just call on him and he will be there for her.

“One Day In Your Life”Facts

  • Main Artist: Michael Jackson
  • Writing Team: Sam Brown in collaboration with Renée Armand
  • Production: Sam Brown
  • Release: March of 1981
  • Project: “Forever, Michael”


It is both a pop and soul song. Furthermore, it can be said to be an R&B track.

Chart Performance

This was a British number 1 single for MJ. In this territory, it was number 1 for just two weeks before being replaced by The Specials’ “Ghost Town“.


A number of artists have released their renditions of this song. Some of them include:

  • Sudirman
  • Johnny Mathis

Was “One Day In Your Life” released as a single?

Yes. Though it was included in Michael Jackson’s 1975 album titled “Forever, Michael”, the song was released as a single six years later.

Other singles from “Forever, Michael”

  • “We’re Almost There”
  • “Just a Little Bit of You”

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  1. Sam Brown says:

    In two words it is simply “Unrequited Love”

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