“Outside” by Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve’s “Outside” is classified as an alternative rap song, which is a very broad category in and of itself. But the way we will interpret such a classification in this case is as this being a rap which, from a lyrical perspective, is more preoccupied with flow than, say presenting an easy-to-understand narrative. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Injury Reserve's Outside at Lyrics.org.

But that said, amongst the variety of musings being put forth, it would appear that the topic which is being harped on the most is interpersonal relationships, or something like that. And what the vocalist is advising in that regard, most simply, is that one should be careful not only in terms of whom they interact with but when dealing with the world in general.

However, overall, we would perhaps argue that to a degree, trying to actually make sense out of this piece may be beside the point. Rather it is being presented primarily for the audience’s listening pleasure, if you will.

lyrics of "Outside" by Injury Reserve

Who are Injury Reserve?

Injury Reserve, under its original incarnation, is a trio of hip-hop artists. The trio released their first studio album, a self-titled effort, in 2019 under Loma Vista Records. Since then one member of the crew, Stepa J. Groggs, passed away in 2020. 

So as of 2021, the act is being held down by surviving members Ritchie with a T and Parker Corey. And this particular song is the opening track on the playlist of their 2021 LP.

The LP is titled “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”. And to note, the crew is in fact from Arizona.

Writing and Production of “Outside”

Ritchie with a T and Parker Corey are credited as the writers of this song alongside the late Stepa Groggs, as well as Angel Gilberto Requiz and Morgan Simpson. And Injury Reserve, as a unit, is credited as its producer.


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