“Parallel Lines” by Kings of Convenience

If two lines are parallel and indeed go straight, as we would presume for the most part the title of this song is referring to, then they mean that they will never intercept. That would be despite the fact that in the last passage the two “parallel lines” are depicted as ‘moving so fast toward the same point’. 

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That would rather imply that they are bound to meet sooner than later. But of course at the end of the day we aren’t actually talking about lines, like geometry or anything. Indeed it is firmly established earlier in the song that the titular “lines” would rather be a reference to the vocalist and addressee or whatever two individuals he’s actually singing about.

That is to say that “Parallel Lines” is painfully metaphorical, perhaps one which, from a lyrical standpoint, only those who truly appreciate the artistic side of music can understand. But usually when a vocalist sings about two individuals, even if he does so from a third person perspective, it would actually be a relationship that speaks to his personal situation. 

And others who have analyzed this song have come to that same conclusion. The conclusion in question is that the vocalist is likely speaking to a romantic relationship or friendship that he is involved in.

Now it has been noted that one of the official co-writers of this piece, Daisy Simons, was not a musician per se. She was rather a friend of Eirik Bøe’s. It has been put forth that not only is she the primary lyricist of this song, but moreover, at the time she may have had a crush on Eirik. 

In Conclusion

With the above said, there is one general consensus amongst those who have been able to make sense of “Parallel Lines”. And the said consensus is that perhaps it centers on two potential lovers or what have you.

These two for whatever unspecified reason are headed in two different directions (if you will) and are never able to actually get a romance off the ground. That would be despite the fact that, as inferred in the final paragraph, they are both actually headed to the same presumably symbolic destination.

Simply put, the lyrics apparently speak to the notion of these two being potential lovers. However, fate strongly opposes that. They therefore are unable to ever become lovers. A classic case of star-crossed lovers!

Lyrics to "Parallel Lines" by Kings of Convenience

The Kings of Convenience and “Parallel Lines”

The Kings of Convenience are a duo of Norwegian musicians. The duo is made up of the following individuals:

  • Eirik Glambek Bøe
  • Erlend Øye

As a unit, Bøe and Øye have been industry active since 1999. 

The first album they came out with was a self-titled project in 2000. This album was only sold in North America (i.e. the US and Canada). And that is also the first album upon which “Parallel Lines” was featured. 

However, it also went on to make an appearance on a 2001 project titled “Quiet Is the New Loud”. The project in question is the duo’s official maiden album. It was critically very successful.

To note, about half of the songs featured on “Kings of Convenience” are also on the playlist of “Quiet is the New Loud”. And even though the former is documented as being an indie release, it is also listed as having the backing of a label, that being Kindercore.

Eirik and Erlend are individually credited as writers of this song. They co-wrote it in conjunction with the aforenoted Simons. And the Kings of Convenience are collectively acknowledged as its producers. They accomplished the song’s production duties alongside Ken Nelson.

Eirik Bøe serves as the lead vocalist of this track.

“Parallel Lines” has a length of 5 minutes 11 seconds. Owing to this, it is the longest track on “”Quiet is the New Loud”.

Parallel Lines

When was “Parallel Lines” officially released?

“Parallel Lines” was officially released for the firs time way back in 2000. Actually it’s exact date of issuance was the 16th of June 2000.

What genre(s) of music would you associate this tune with?

“Parallel Lines” belongs to the indie pop genre. However, it can also fit perfectly into the alternative rock genre.

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  1. Daisy Simons Barnard says:

    Hi, this is Daisy Simons (Barnard). Thanks for thinking about this old song! Just a correction: I wrote all the lyrics and the music as well.

  2. Jeff says:

    In my view, songs with this depth of intelligence and poignancy don’t come along very often. The fact that the song is 22 years old is irrelevant. Bravo for giving this to us.

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