“Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” tells the story of how her husband, Brandon Blackstock helped her recover from the broken state in which her own father left her. Kelly indicates that her husband restored her faith in men, unlike the pain she initially associated with men because of her father’s treatment.

The singer recalls the moment when her father abandoned his family, and how she strove for him to love her as a little girl. She then stresses that her husband picked up all her pieces and healed her from the pain her father gave. She further described her husband as the exact opposite of her father, since he has remained loyal to her, loves her, cares for her, does not ask for money, and is extremely kind. With this, Kelly projects her father as someone who was irresponsible but later came back in her life when she got successful to take advantage of her fame and money.

In the concluding chorus, Kelly promises her daughter that she will not repeat what her father did. Unlike her old man, she will never leave or break her daughter’s heart, but will constantly remind her that she loves her unconditionally.

Lyrics of "Piece by Piece"

Release Date of “Piece by Piece”

This is the title song from Kelly Clarkson seventh-studio album. RCA records issued the track as the third single from “Piece by Piece” on 9 November 2015.

There is also an alternate rendition dubbed the “Idol version” which was released on 29 February 2016. This was the result of Clarkson bringing the house down with her performance of this hit on the 25 February 2016 edition of “American Idol”, a popular reality-talent show.

What really made that performance unique was that it was highly-emotional. And in fact Clarkson has noted that out of the entirety of her extensive catalog, “Piece by Piece” is the track which fans tend to identify with on a personal level the most. In other words, they constantly talk to her about it and in the process sometimes, much to surprise of Kelly, even reveal their darkest secrets.

Did Kelly Clarkson write “Piece by Piece”?

Yes. The penning of this hit marks another fruitful collaboration between Kelly and Greg Kurstin. The latter also produced the track.

Lyric wise, “Piece by Piece” originated from a conversation Kelly had with her sister, Alyssa. And their discussion fundamentally centered on their husbands being the opposite, from a commitment standpoint, to their less-than-ideal dad.  

“Piece by Piece” is the Part 2 of “Because of You”

This song is intended to be the continuation of another Clarkson dropped over a decade earlier, 2005’s “Because of You”.

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