“Pistol” by Cigarettes After Sex

Don’t be fooled by this track’s title (“Pistol”), because what we’re dealing with here is a somewhat-mushy song of heartbreak. The titular “pistol” is only mentioned once, at the beginning of the first verse, where we witness the singer busting some shots into the desert sky. The reason he is doing so, most simply explained, is because he’s missing his ex and is in his feelings accordingly.

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Ultimately there really isn’t much to decipher here, as the thesis sentiment is pretty straightforward. What it revolves around is the addressee being on the vocalist’s mind constantly and relatedly his desire to regain her hand.

Cigarettes After Sex, "Pistol" Lyrics

When did Cigarettes After Sex release “Pistol”?

“Pistol” officially made its way into the world on 15 November 2022. Upon doing so, it marked the first single Cigarettes After Sex have released since 2020’s “You’re All I Want”. 


This track was written and produced by the act’s frontman, Greg Gonzalez. At the time of the release of “Pistol”, he was by bassist Randall Miller and drummer Jacob Tomsky.

Noteworthy Stuff

This band is signed to Partisan Records. This is a label that has been responsible for the two studio albums:

  • “Cigarettes After Sex” (2017)
  • “Cry” (2019)

The band has been criticized for failing to experiment outside of the realm of their established sound. However, Gonzalez reportedly idealizes this project as one in which “the music of (the band) should stay consistent”.


Fans’ Reaction

CAS’ fans are hit with the feels as they listen to “Pistol”. To be exact, the type of feels are described as being heartbroken while falling in love. One fan shared that this song sums up his current mood as he sees his best friend distance herself away from him without realising as she has started a relationship with someone. Furthermore, he has had feelings for her for a while.

Another fan nicely summarized how “Pistol” makes him feel the tremendous hurt caused by mourning for someone as you walk away, despite still having feelings for them.

On another note, this song has reminded a fan of her ex who passed away from terminal illness when they were teens. As it happened when they were so young, he was devastated as he didn’t fully understand what happened. But listening to “Pistols” now has brought peace and reminds him of the better memories they once shared.

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